About Hefeng

Our Vision
Hefeng has been focused on the development and application of surface treatment industry for more than 20 years, which is a High-tech Enterprise with research and development, production and sales department. Adhering to the business philosophy "Passion, Dreams, Integrity", we have  established multiple overseas branches and created more than20 patents. We are committed
to strive for excellence and build the well-known international brand in the industry!
Start 1990 Chiya Dah Electrical Power CO. in Taiwan
1998 Sales headquarters in Shenzhen
2003 Production of corona system
2007 Expansion - Shanghai new factory 
2007 New Portfolio- Plasma, UV system 
2016 Official cooperation HEFENG - AHLBRANDT
2018 Official cooperation HEFENG – HILDEBRANDT


Product Range
Hefeng Corona Treatment
  * Non-Conductive
  * Conductive and Non-conductive
  * Specials
German Ahlbrandt Corona Treatment 
  * Converting
  * Extrusions
  * Blown Film
Plasma Treatment
  * Atmospheric plasma
  * Vacuum plasma
Dust Cleaning System
  * Hefeng Web cleaning system
  * Hefeng Sheetfed cleaning system
  * Switzerland Hildebrand Non-contact cleaning system
Static System
  * Electrostatic Eliminator CD-106C (CE)
  * Electrostatic Eliminator CD-106B
  * Electrostatic charging system
  * Switzerland Hildebrand Electrostatic System
Corona pen
  * Solvent type
  * Quick dry type
  * Environmental type
  * Stainless steel//silicone-coated//ceramic rollers
  * German patented fin ceramic electrode
  * German imported silicone sleeve