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Hefeng History

Hefeng History

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Shenzhen Hefeng Machinery Group has been focusing on the development and application of surface treatment industry for more than 20 years. It has been constantly pioneering, striving for excellence and devoting itself to building a world brand of surface treatment industry.

The company's main projects: corona processor, plasma processor, electrostatic eliminator, dust collector, film labeling machine, UV curing system, UV power supply, UV light box and other surface treatment equipment research and development and production.

1990 Taiwan Jiate Motor Co., Ltd.


In 2001, Taiwan Jida domestic sales division was established in Shenzhen, responsible for sales and after-sales service.


In 2003, the production part was assembled and the corona machine was assembled in Shenzhen.

Registered trademark of the State Trademark Office in 2004: "HeFeng Hefeng machinery, reconsideration in 2007 and R certificate".

Established in 2007 and Shanghai Yuefeng electromechanical Co., Ltd.


In 2010, the company in Shanghai was certified by ISO quality management system NO:00910Q1198OROS; GB/T19001-2008;


In 2010, the company independently developed the plasma processor and obtained the European CE certification: plasma CE NO: 100914/SHE697;


In 2010, the company independently developed the plasma processor, and obtained the utility model patent ZL 2010 2 0573568.X and the design patent ZL 2010 3 0547780.4 in the National Patent Office of China.


In June 2010, Shanghai World Expo was selected as China's outstanding private enterprises and exhibited NO: 0002218 for 180 days in the private enterprise pavilion.


In 2011, China's Trademark Office registered the trademark NO 8759637 of its own brand "Guangdong Yuefeng".


In 2011, the electrostatic eliminator independently developed by the company obtained CE certification, NO: MTI 110106001CE; MTI 1101066001CS;


In 2012, the company independently developed the drawer corona processor, and obtained the utility model patent ZL 20102 0195538.9 and the appearance patent ZL 2013 0081104.1 in the National Patent Office of China.


In 2013, the corona machine developed by the company independently obtained CE certification, NO:EC.1282.1E130325.SHE0401;


In 2013, the company independently developed the corona ceramic electrode, and obtained the utility model patent ZL 2012 2 05594.6 and the appearance patent ZL 2012 3 0327429.3 in the State Patent Office of China.


In August 2013, the company invested a huge amount of money to set up the UV business department, responsible for the research and development, production and sales of UV curing system.


In February 2014, the company responded to the needs of market development, expanded the scale of production, and completed the strategic relocation of production sites. (this site)


In 2016, the company passed the ISO system certification, and the 30 year cooperation agreement with the Berbert agreement in the same year.

In 2016, the company obtained the certificate of national high and new technology enterprise.


In 2017, the company developed a large-scale production of anti-corona card slot electrodes, and applied to the coating industry, which has been unanimously recognized and praised by the industry.


"Win-win cooperation, harvest and sharing" believe that Hefeng can work together to create a win-win situation with you.



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