Chinese TPU film manufacturers and their characteristics

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2018/11/15 11:55
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Since Chinese TPU film manufacturers started late, they are mainly targeted at China's low-end TPU film market. At the same time, the technology and production experience threshold for TPU film production is relatively high. As a result, the number of professional TPU film manufacturers in China is relatively small and the industry is concentrated High degree of characteristics.
Foreign TPU particle enterprise products are mainly concentrated in the middle and high-end markets such as adhesives, cables and high-end injection molding. South Korea's Jin Hing Industrial, Taiwan's Kun Zhong and San Huang all produce TPU particles. Foreign companies represented by BASF Bayer occupy the high-end market of China's TPU particle industry. Chinese enterprises mainly include Yantai Wanhua, Zhejiang Huafeng and Shanghai Lianjing. The overall industry concentration of TPU particles is relatively high.
The summary of TPU film production enterprises are as follows:
(1) Taiwan Dingji
Founded in 1981 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Dingji Chemical is the world's largest professional manufacturer of TPU film, and has a global leading position in the field of TPU film applications.
Its TPU film products mainly include: waterproof moisture-permeable films, microporous breathable films, TPU leather, hot-melt adhesive film series, non-yellowing hot-melt adhesive films, shoe material application series, non-yellowing series, medical-grade moisture-permeable films, Film for bulletproof glass, TPU foam series, elastic band series, etc.
(2) Xionglin, Dongguan City
Xionglin New Material was established in July 2006. The TPU film produced is mainly cast. It has multiple TPU cast film production lines and is the largest annual TPU cast film supplier in Asia.
博锐斯成立于2007年,2015年新三板上市。其生产的TPU薄膜产品包含延流与吹膜工艺。博锐斯主营业务为功能性 TPU 薄膜的研发、生产和销售。
Foreign companies are mostly diversified product manufacturers, whose products involve multiple links in the polyurethane industry chain. BASF provides TPU upstream raw materials such as MDI, polyols and other basic chemical materials. It also produces TPU particles and produces TPU film products based on TPU particles. For example: Bayer MaterialScience's TPU film is mainly produced by its North American material company's Dureflex series. Bayer Material also produces other polyurethane products. Huntsman's TPU film products are mainly focused on TPU glass sheet. Huntsman also provides basic chemical products such as MDI. Lubrizol produces a variety of TPU particles and TPU film products. Therefore, there are many types of products from foreign companies. TPU film is one of many materials and its product structure is relatively comprehensive.
The product structure of Taiwan's TPU film manufacturers mostly consists of TPU film and other plastic products. Taiwan's enterprise products are mainly concentrated in the pneumatic tube, shoe materials, adhesives and other markets. In addition to producing TPU films, Taiwan Dingji Chemical also produces TPU products such as TPU seals, pneumatic tubes, and conveyor belts. Taiwan Gaoding Chemical produces TPU particles, and extends the TPU particle production line to TPU films.
Source: Comprehensive finishing of functional membrane material innovation domain
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