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Electrostatic Eliminator CD-106C (CE)

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Product description

Why static exists?

The most common causes are friction, extrision and separation. From the film rewinding to the electric shock of car handle,

the examples are countless. Another cause is sensing, this is why the non-conductive material has static after being put

into the electric field. The change of temperature is also one cause, we can tell from the static is generated after mold injection.



Static elimination

Alternating current 110/220 V, 50/60 Hz changes to 7 Kv transformer. High voltage is transmitted to the electrostatic system

by the shield high voltage cable and connected to a row of emission terminals, which generates a high voltage electroc field on

the nearby ground surface after the voltge changing. A large of positive and begetive ions are produced, generating high

energy "corona" and "ion cloud". When the current cycle changes, there will be almost the same number of positive and

negative ions, the surface with static and eletrodes near the cloud are quickly neutralized.



* Application: electronics, plastic, bag making, printing, slitting, spraying, plastic sheet, textile, vacuum coating film, packaging

                        and other industries, customized upon requests.




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