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Corona Discharge Station FC-21 Series

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Product description

Corona Application

Corona treatment is known as dielectric barrier discharge. It is mainly used for surface treatment of

plastic film or plastic sheet. Before ink printing, laminating, blowing, coating, gluing, material

modification, polymerization, film metallization, casting and adhesions of the materials, in order to

make the surface have stronger adhesion (i.e. higher dyne level), and prevent the printing and gluing

from fading, dropping and other poor effects, it is necessary to use corona surface treatment.


Corona Principle

The principle of the corona is to use high-frequency and high-voltage to generate corona between the

discharge electrode and the corona roller to form a low-temperature plasma area. Through the air ion

ization between the two medium, ozone is produced. Ozone is an oxidant, which can immediately change

the molecular structure of the plastic surface and make it from non-polar to polar. At the same time,

the corona will make the surface of the material have small and uneven holes to rough the surface and

enhance the surface activity, after the surface tension is increased, so the ink, glue, etc. can deeply

penatrate into the material because of the treatment so it achieves the desired printing and gluing effects.


Features and Advantages

* Corona treater is customized upon requirements, but the power control generator is almost the same.

* For con-conductive materials: PP, CPP, BOPP, PE, PET, HDPE, LDPE, PS, PI, PS, PC,

   PA, PVC, ABS, non-woven, synthetic paper, cartons, sheets and other materials;

* For conductive materials: aluminum foil, metallized film, cartons, sheets and other materials;

* For special materials: all kinds of the special-shaped materials;

* Hefeng Corona adopts stable, advanced and reliable imported IGBT which are the main components to

   control, trigger and display circuits with digital display, It's safe, reliable, durable with minumum faults.

   It has automatic protection such as over-voltage overload, over-current, short circuit and shutdown

   functions which is the most common trend in the world.


Technical Parameters

Output power: 2-30 KW optional (optional CD500 / CG2000 series)

Input voltage: 220VAC/380VAC  

Line speed: 1-300 m/min (customized upon requests)

Web width: 830-3950 mm (customized upon requests)

Treated side: single side

Discharge electrode: ceramic electrode

Corona rolller: alumimum or ceramic-coating electrode

Installation: 360 degree installtion

Material: PP, CPP, BOPP, PE, PET, HDPE, LDPE, PS, PI, PS, PC, PA, PVC, ABS, non-woven, synthetic paper, 

                aluminum foil, metallized film, etc.

Application: high speed coating, laminating, extrusion machine, etc.



Technical advantages

* HEFENG new type of corona treater, electrode gap can adjust from 1-3 mm to protect system;

* The high voltage cabel separate from ozone exhaust area, to avoid corrosion of cabe and

   increase the life of electrode;

* The patented " German fin ceramic electrode" guarantees a powerful, homogenous and

   undiform treatment for plastic film, aluminium foil, multi-layer films, matallised and papers;

* "Hefast Change" electrode cassette is made by anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion materials,

    quick cleaning and maintenance withour tools, shorten the downtime;