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Movable Narrow-Width Ceramic Electrode Corona Unit
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Movable Narrow-Width Ceramic Electrode Corona Unit

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Product description

Product Description
Model: FR-29
Output power: 2 KW
Input voltage: 220 VAC ±10% 50/60KHz
Processing width: 320 mm
Discharge electrode: German ceramic square electrode 5
Scope of use: intermittent printing presses and other printing equipment;
Built-in: oil-immersed high-voltage transformer and ozone exhaust fan, movable independent corona machine, no need to install and debug on-site, ready to use. Whether corona is used or not, the film penetration method is not affected.


working principle
Using a high-frequency high-voltage power supply, a corona is generated between the discharge electrode and the corona to form a low-temperature plasma region, and ozone is generated by air ionization between the two electrodes. The ozone is an oxidant, and the molecular structure of the plastic surface can be immediately changed, so that It is converted from non-polar to polar. At the same time, after the corona, the surface of the material is slightly uneven and the surface is roughened, and the surface activity is enhanced, so that the surface tension is improved, and the ink, the glue and the like can further penetrate into the material to be processed, thereby achieving the desired. Printing and gluing effects.


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