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Plasma Treatment FR-50 Series

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Product description

What is plasma?

Plasma is to add energy to substrate, change its electromagnetic force, and combine the atoms together.

The state of substrate changes from solid to liquid, then liquid to gas. More energy is added to separate

the molecular chains and it may produce ionization.Gas molecule is divided into charged particles, ions

and free electrons. Plasma is often referred to as the "fourth state of substrate".


Plasma function

Cleaning: remove dust and oil, deep clean and eliminate static;

Activating: deeply improve the wettability and activivate surface;

Coating: provide functional surface by plasma coating;

Increase the adhesion and permeability of the surface;

Increase the reliability and durability of the surface bonding;

Increase surface hydrophilicity



* Intelligent industial control chip processing, the output power can be precisely adjusted and set

* LCD function (power status real-time display of data)

* With a variety of automatic alarm functions

* Manual control and automatic control working modes (optional)




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