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Carbon Anti-Static Brush
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Carbon Anti-Static Brush

Carbon Anti-Static Brush
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The carbon fiber electrostatic brush has a height of 30mm, does not contain aluminum blocks, and effectively processes the length, and is customized according to customer requirements. The resistance of carbon fiber electrostatic brush should be less than 10 ohm carbon fiber electrostatic brush. The effective discharge current per 2cm long is more than 0.1Ma (microamperes). The carbon fiber electrostatic brush is 1cm long and the pulling force is 1KG, (kg/cm2).


Product Usage:
In the production process, the surface of the product is gradually formed with high-voltage static electricity due to friction, peeling and the like. In high-temperature, high-speed, dry environments, even sparks can be generated, and static electricity that is too harmful to static electricity can even generate sparks and cause fires. Production accidents such as explosions.
This product is made of carbon fiber made of self-inductive neutralizing static elimination device, which has good power-dissipation performance. Easy to use, no energy, no maintenance, suitable for long-term use in high humidity, high temperature and corrosive environments. Suitable for prevention and control of printing and dyeing industry, paper printing industry and plastics and rubber industry.


Grounding through the wire, induced by the charged object, generates an induced electric field, and neutralizes the static electricity on the charged film with a tip discharge. Appropriate adjustment of the distance between the brush and the charged object, good grounding performance of the wire, and effective ionization of the air are important factors for achieving good results. When the static voltage is high, the discharge distance needs to be adjusted larger, and the distance can be smaller.

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