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Surface Tension Test Pen-Quick Dry Type
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Surface Tension Test Pen-Quick Dry Type

Dyne Pen Quick Dry Type
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Product description

Product Range: 32-72 dyn/cm
Original: Germany
Application film: PS, PE, PP, PET, PI, PC, NY, CPP, OPP
Conductive materials: aluminum foil, copper foil, carbon film

Application industry: gravure printing, offset printing, UV printing, screen printing, inkjet printing, dry compound, extrusion compound, blown film, T extrusion film, stretch film, coating, etc.


Surface tension for different materials


Initial tension

Required tension


32 dyn/cm

38 dyn/cm


31 dyn/cm

38 dyn/cm


39 dyn/cm

52 dyn/cm


39 dyn/cm

48 dyn/cm


41 dyn/cm

56 dyn/cm


Use method:
When dyne level test pen is applied to the surface, the ink will either remains as a solid line or shrinks into small droplets. For example, when drawing a long line with a 38dyn/cm pen on the treating materials, if there is no droplets formed, or no ink spreads all around within two seconds, it means the surface tension reaches or exceeds 38 dyn/cm. In contrast, if the ink shrinks within two seconds, it means the surface tension has not reached 38 dyn/cm.

In general, for the accuracy and measurement of the tension test, it should be prepared with 4 different range of dyne pens; if the film surface tension value changes little, 3 different ranges of dyne pen would do the trick.


Dyne test pen allows you determine the surface tension of plastic film by indicating whether it reaches the desired dyne level and whether it is suitable for printing composing and vacuum plating. In this way, we can effectively control quality and reduce waste or time on the unqualified material.


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