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Corona roller and corona machine application key points

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Corona roller and corona machine application key points of film corona solution generally by the corona machine and corona roller with each other, in the field of plastic film packaging and double pull film (BOPP, BOPET, BOPI) in the field of corona roller key selection of rubber rollers to solve the problem, because of the film large format is relatively large, and thus the roller body is also relatively large to Bruckner's BOPP double hanging line as an example, the hauling belt corona rollers in general size In the diameter of 450 * 8700mm, 608 * 8700mm hauling belt, most of the plastic layer selection of silicone rubber. Avoid the back of the corona key to start from three levels:

Corona roller

1, flow extension production line to effectively manipulate the film support;

2, the discharge frame should be constructed reasonably, high precision, discharge frame must have pressure roller, pressure roller and corona roller must carry out harsh dynamic, rotor dynamic balance experiment, axial flutter should be less than 0.05mm. pressure roller working pressure must be suitable, pressure is too large, can not get up the actual effect of the pressure roller, the film is not tightly adhered to the corona roller, the force of the two sides of the pressure rollers should be the same. In the film into the discharge frame, it is best to add a spreading roller, to ensure that the film into the corona roller flat, does not cause the back of the corona.

Corona (electronic, corona) refers to the condition of partial discharge of the surface layer of the charged body in the vapor or liquid substance, which often occurs around the periphery of high-voltage transmission lines and the top periphery of the charged body, and can cause reactive oxygen, sulfur oxide and other chemical substances. In substations and routes above 110kV, the light layer similar to corona often occurs, and the sound of "snorting" and "ah mile" is heard. Corona can consume electromagnetic energy, and affect electromagnetic waves. Corona is a very uneven magnetic field unique to the collapse of electronic devices - flow injection mode of smooth discharge.

Corona rollers

Corona is caused by the non-smooth electric conductor caused by the extremely disproportionate electrostatic field, in the absence of a balanced electrostatic field around the electrodes around the pinch angle is small when the current value rises to a certain value, because the gas dispersion will produce a discharge, resulting in corona. As in the corona outside the corona rod, corona rod around the electrostatic field is relatively weak, does not produce impact dispersion, corona outside the field of free electrons are basically all electric ions, such positive ions will produce a corona discharge power flow. Simply put, the small angle of the electric conductor electrode discharge on the gas, the formation of corona.

Corona Roller

Most of the plastic film (such as polycarbonate film) is a non-polar polymer, interfacial tension is low, generally in the 29-30mN/m, theoretically speaking, if the interfacial tension of a certain object is less than 33mN/m, at this stage, already know that the printing ink and adhesive can not be adhered to above the solid, and therefore to carry out the corona method of its appearance to solve the problem. The basic principle of the solution is to add high-frequency and high-voltage lines to the processing equipment, causing high-frequency and high-voltage discharges, which result in the formation of tiny aggregates of blue-violet flames. The various positive ions formed after gas hydrolysis accelerate and impact the plastic film in the equipment under the effect of strong electromagnetic field. The chemical bonds of the plastic molecular structure are broken and dissolved, which improves the roughness and area of the exterior. Discharge will also continue to cause a lot of reactive oxygen, reactive oxygen is an oxidizer, can make the plastic molecular structure of air oxidation, resulting in carbonyl and chloroprene and other positive and negative extremely strong functional groups, which in turn enhanced its surface.

Corona recycler application common problems

1、Discharge electrode is not closed in time, can not be started.

2、The corona roller is smaller than a certain set speed ratio can not be started.

3、Broken film data signal abnormality, the discharge frame can not be closed, and even more can not start. In daily business, once the film is broken, the machine can be automatically switched on and off, alarmed, and the discharge electrode can be turned on automatically.

Corona roller

Corona roller and corona machine application key point discharge electrode selection of rotation structure. Once there is a lump on the edge of the cast film, the electrode can be opened automatically when the fitness movement of the lump reaches the center of the discharge electrode and the corona roller. After the lump is past, the discharge electrode is automatically calibrated to maintain the discharge roller and discharge electrode.


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