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Precautions Related to Corona Roller Cast Film Production

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Corona rollers cast film production and manufacturing of common problems related to corona rollers in the film production and manufacturing of post-treatment process is very critical, corona rollers with each other corona solution is highly valued by many film enterprises, the following introduction to the corona rollers in the production and manufacturing of cast film application. Most of the film with metal material electrodes, there are several kinds of electrodes. One of them is the ring tube electrode. Raise a difficult question: with the same discharge gap, the same corona roller, which ring tube discharge effect is very good? Circular tube discharge, because the gap between the circular tube and the corona roller is not the same, the side of the discharge depletion is relatively large, in which the larger diameter of the circular tube is theoretically more than the smaller circular tube is more average. In terms of discharge efficiency, planar finned electrode is better, because of its discharge gap is more uniform, also pear-shaped electrode and block (knife-shaped) electrode is also the same practical effect.

Corona Roller

All kinds of electrodes have their advantages and disadvantages, the last also need to look at all the electrode frame design program, electrode support. The actual effect of corona also lies in the design of the power supply circuit of the generator, the main parameters of the work (high efficiency, working standard voltage, and output power, etc.).

Corona Roller

Corona is too large alias solved too much, the film broken, the most serious will be played into the sticky, polymer material raw materials dissolved in the film surface to produce a layer of low molecular raw materials, which in turn lead to reduced adhesion. This kind of material has to use lower pressure, such as LLDPE. wrapping plastic thin thickness does not immediately jeopardize the electrostatic induction, the characteristics of the glue, corona compressive strength will be. Corona rollers can not be wrapped thick, 4mm is the norm for thin thickness, do not have to exceed 4.5mm. Many rubber wrapped rollers factory help wrapped thicker is no problem, customers want to wrap thicker, can be more grinding a few times to control the cost. But the use of a good point of the rubber, 1 time to the edge, the roller, the relative nature of the wear and tear is not easy, the cost is more savings. Packaging printing has wrapped roller thin and thick limitations, composite, full-board graphic cloth generally have no restrictions, do not have to destroy on it.

Corona roller

Film corona solution generally by the corona machine and corona rollers with each other, in the field of plastic film packaging and double pull film (BOPP, BOPET, BOPI) in the field of corona rollers key selection of printing rubber rollers to solve the problem, because of the film large format is relatively large, and thus the rollers are also very large, in order to Brueckner's BOPP double hanging line as an example, the hauling belt corona rollers are generally specifications in the diameter of 450*, the hauling belt of 60%, the hauling belt of 60%. 8700mm, traction belt 608 * 8700mm, most of the plastic layer selection of silicone rubber.

Corona roller specifications diameter corona recycler in the field of outsourcing alias corona machine, electronic device impact machine, electric spark machine. In academic research is called material blocking discharge. The key to the surface of plastic film or plastic plate products to solve, if you want to carry out the above raw materials printing ink, composite, blown film, sizing, riveting, raw materials, materials modified materials, thermal polymerization, convergence, surface coating, casting, adhesive production and processing before the surface of the goods in order to better enable the goods have a stronger adsorption (i.e., with more dyne index), to avoid the raw materials occurring in the production process of packaging and printing Throwing color, composite adhesion is not solid, sizing overflow is not proportional and other conditions, jeopardizing the quality of the product, it is necessary to carry out the first corona impact solution.

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