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Is a corona machine the same as a plasma machine

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Most plastic films (such as polycarbonate films) are non-polar polymers, low surface tension known inks and adhesives are unable to adhere firmly on it, so it is necessary to corona method of treatment or plasma treatment of its surface, so that the plastic molecules of the chemical bond broken and degraded, increasing the surface roughness and surface area.

Is a corona machine the same as a plasma machine?

Corona treatment, as the name suggests, is a kind of electric shock treatment, corona treated product surface has a higher surface energy and improve product surface adhesion effect. The principle is to use high-frequency high-voltage corona discharge in the treated plastic surface (high-frequency AC voltage up to 5000-15000V/m2), and produce low-temperature plasma, so that the surface of the plastic to produce a free radical reaction and make the polymer crosslinking. Surface roughness and increase its wettability to polar solvents, these ions by electric shock and penetration into the surface of the printed body to destroy its molecular structure, and then the surface molecules will be treated oxidation and polarization, ionic shock erosion of the surface, so as to increase the ability to increase the adhesion of the surface of the printed matter.

Corona machine and plasma machine the same?

The effect of plasma surface treatment and corona is almost the same, are to improve the surface adhesion. Only the treatment may be a little different. Plasma cleaning principle is mainly through the plasma effect on the surface of the material to produce a series of physical and chemical changes, the use of which contains the active particles and high-energy rays, and the surface of organic pollutants molecules react, collision formation of small molecules of volatile substances.

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