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What is corona treatment and why is it necessary to corona treat packaging roll film?

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What is corona?

Corona, refers to the surface of the charged body in the vapor or liquid material found in the situation of local discharge, often appear in the perimeter of the low-voltage transmission lines and the top of the charged body around the perimeter, can cause ozone, sulfur oxide and other components. Above 110kV substations and routes, often occurs with the corona similar to the light layer, "snorting" "ah mile" sound. Corona can consume electromagnetic energy, and affect electromagnetic waves. Corona is a very uneven magnetic field unique to the collapse of electronic devices - flow injection mode of smooth charging and discharging.

Corona solution

Most of the plastic plastic film (such as polycarbonate plastic film) is a non-polar polymer, the surface support force is low, generally in 29-30mN/m, theoretically speaking, if the surface support force of an object is less than 33mN/m, already know that the ink and adhesive can not be adhered to above the solid, and therefore to carry out the corona method of solution on its surface. The basic principle of the solution is to add high-frequency and high-voltage circuits to the treatment equipment, causing high-frequency and high-voltage charging and discharging, which results in the formation of tiny aggregates of blue-violet flames. The various compounds formed after gas hydrolysis accelerate and impact the plastic film inside the equipment under the effect of strong electromagnetic field. Make the plastic molecular structure of the chemical bond broken and dissolved, enhance the surface surface roughness and surface area. Charge and discharge will also cause a lot of ozone, ozone is an oxidizing agent, can make the plastic molecular structure of air oxidation, resulting in carbonyl and chloroprene and other highly polar functional groups, which in turn enhances its surface energy.

Effectiveness of Corona

Because a variety of high-pressure polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (opp) for the non-polar molecular structure, the surface of the PE film can not be adhered to the polar ink molecular structure. Therefore, before printing on PE film packaging, a spark discharge solution (or corona solution) is carried out to produce a polar surface layer to enhance the color fastness of the fusion with polar inks.

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