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Surface Tension Problems in the Use of Corona Roll BOPA Films

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Corona roller BOPA film application of surface support, corona roller BOPA film application of surface support, corona roller in the film surface corona treatment is widely used, corona roller is also the film surface surface roughness to change the key way of corona roller selection of common silicone material corona rollers. BOPA film and other films, its surface physics features include film surface wetting BOPA film, like other films, its surface physical characteristics include the film's surface wetting, surface roughness and surface friction resistance, these three characteristics of the role of the main parameters of the smooth, to enhance the quality of plastic film plastic flexible packaging products have a key effect, must not be ignored.

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First, the surface wetting support of BOPA film:

Although BOPA film is attributed to the positive and negative high polymer, its surface activation energy, no treatment when the surface wetting support up to 38 ~ 40 dyne, but for the rapid printing of printing ink adhesion and adhesive bonding race must also be carried out on the surface of the BOPA film to further improve its surface wetting support. General selection of corona method to solve the film surface support, can be used to adjust the increase in the electrode on the output power, electrodes and corona treatment rollers in the middle of the spacing and other major parameters to manipulate the surface support of plastic films.

Corona roller BOPA film applications in the surface support BOPA film, generally through the surface to solve the support up to 52-56 dyne. If used for the inner layer of B0PA film must be applied to both sides of the corona treatment of the film in order to reach the dream of composite firmness, otherwise very easy to cause composite delamination conditions. Generally used to sustain high temperature composite packaging bags must be used in the inner layer of both sides of the corona treatment of polyester film, and the degree of resolution should be on the larger point more perfect.

But avoid corona surface penetration or double-sided corona treatment degree basically close, in case of packaging printing off the film or ink layer sticky pull and other conditions. 1, the basic principle of corona treatment method is: according to the electrode in the metal material and corona treatment rollers (generally heat-resistant, reactive oxygen resistance, high insulating layer of silicone rollers) in the middle of the increase in high-frequency, DC high-voltage power supply, so that it caused by the charging and discharging, and therefore the gas hydrolyzation and the production of a lot of reactive oxygen. At the same time, high-efficiency energy spark discharge impacts the surface of the film. Under the same effect, the surface of the plastic film is activated and the surface energy is increased. According to the corona treatment can make the BOPA film surface wetting support force to achieve 52-56 dyne up and down.

Corona treatment of the size of the surface wetting tension of the plastic film and the increase in the electrode on the working voltage, the electrode and the corona treatment of the middle of the roller spacing and other reasons. Special attention should be paid to the plastic film and the corona treatment rollers should be prevented from entrapment into the gas, the electrode and the corona treatment rollers in the middle of the spacing (plugged in for a period of time, the electrode and corona rollers spacing will be mild changes) and the cleanliness of its electrode surface, or else it is very likely that the back of the film is also resolved, or to cause the corona penetration condition, the adverse effects will cause poor product quality problems. (Other than corona treatment on both sides)

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